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 Post subject: What Paul wants Mini-Me O5E to do...
PostPosted: Mon Mar 03, 2014 1:53 pm 

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My TOP LEVEL Requirement is to run my '68 OHC-6 SPIRNT at least as well as my ancient DELCO MEFI. Not a terribly challenging requirement, it seems to me.

Recognize that I tune my car on the road with a pair of AFRs, an EGT, fuel flow, speedometer and a stop watch. My detonation sensor is my ear. My experience shows that I can tune pretty well to several tenths of an AFR number and a few degrees of advance. Further, my car is not terribly sensitive to TPS rate or MAP rate fuel adjustments. Finally, I do not run my engines past about 6000 rpm as it scares me too much! These considerations will drive injector and spark timing requirements among others.

Also, I have much legacy sensor and display equipment from PLX Devices. They are reliable, handy to use and I am smart enough (barely) too use all they can do. They interconnect with a 'daisy chain' sort of serial buss. It is possible to use the ECU as the 'master' and insert itself into the 'chain' to read the sensors (MAP, CLT, AFR, EGT, Oil Press, Fuel Press, Oil Temp) and send things to the display from the ECU. With a very simple push button interface to the ECU, I believe that it will be possible to perform on the road tuning which needs to be very simple or it quickly becomes dangerous. Thus, the requirement for interfacing evolves.

Of course, within these operational requirements are those for data logging and table modification beyond on the road tuning and software loading.

I converted these top level ideas into the equivalent of a software specification and software for the 5554 a few years ago. Unfortunately, all of that is packed--somewhere--and out of hand though there may be a file in this box that has it. Suffice it too say, it looked pretty crude, if not totally unusable when compared to available systems. The real issue could it meet what I perceive as my operational needs.

Finally, who else cares? Imagine that some shade tree mechanic had a 5xxx based system running in his car today. Wouldn't we be a tad curious about his software?

Paul S

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